Find Your Adventure: Beyond the Glass Tours Await

At Beyond the Glass Adventure Tours, they’re all about showing off the beauty of Cork City and its surroundings to anyone who loves exploring. Their goal is simple: to give you amazing outdoor experiences that let you really connect with Ireland’s landscapes.

Started by someone who grew up loving the outdoors in County Cork, James Foley, Beyond The Glass Adventure Tours offers all kinds of adventures, like biking through Cork City, hiking in the mountains, or doing team-building stuff. They want to make your outdoor dreams come true!

What makes them different is that they really care about making things authentic and meaningful. Their local guides know a lot about the area and make sure you not only have fun but also learn about Ireland’s history and culture.

They welcome everyone, whether you’re from far away or just around the corner, to join them on their adventures. It’s not just about touring with them; it’s like going on a journey together, exploring Ireland’s beautiful landscapes.

And let’s not forget about their sustainability policy! They’re all about being kind to the environment and the communities they visit. From leaving no trace behind to supporting local projects, they’re committed to making a positive impact.

So, if you’re up for an adventure that’s more than just ordinary, Beyond the Glass Adventure Tours is ready to take you on a trip you’ll never forget!

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LocationBeyond The Glass Tours, Oldcastle, Coachford,
Co. Cork, Ireland